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Luther's lunches consist of a daily entree option and a rotating ala carte menu students can choose from.

Lunch Menu Calendar

Due to COVID, at this time the lunch menu at Luther High School will be follows:

Served everyday:

Pizza cheese, sausage, 3meatand pepperoni - $2.50 a slice

Walking tacos  - $2.00 each

9inch Sub sandwich on a hoagie bun - $2.75

Many other items on ala carte

Milk - .50 each

Luther Lunch Program 2020/21


Served every day:

Fruits ¾ cup containers | 3 choices- $1.25 each

Raw vegetables with ranch dip | 3 to 4 choices- $1.25 each

Salads:  Small lettuce and croutons-$0.75  |  Large salad lettuce croutons cheese- $1.50

Peanut butter jelly sandwich- $0.75

Muffins: Chocolate | Lemon | Blueberry- $1.00 each

Yogurts- 4oz $0.75  | 6oz $1.00

Pudding cup 3oz- $0.75

Cookie 2oz- $0.75

Brownie- $0 .75

Chips (all brands)- $1.00

Microwave popcorn- $0.75

Applesauce cup- $0.75

Pizza slice- $2.00

Soft or hard shell taco- $1.50

Pretzels with cheese cup- $1.25  |  Extra cheese cup- $0.50

Sub Sandwich  |  Turkey or Ham  |   8-9in - $2.00  |  11.5in- $ 2.75 

**There are many seasonal items sold that will be listed at school.

**If your child has food allergies, it may be best to send their lunch.  We try are best to watch ingredients but sometimes things are not listed.  You can also talk to us.

NOTE: On occasion, a specific item being served may run out.  We do NOT take a head count for preparing meals and can never tell how many may eat one particular item.  We apologize.  Amounts are made according to total number of students eating.  There are several food options to choose from, so alternative food options will always be available if a specific item runs out that day.

Thank you,

Mary Jackson
Kitchen Manager