The following are links to the presentations given at Luther High School on December 5, 2015 for the 7 Rivers Robotics Coalition. Check back later as more presentations may be added.


Leadership Rookies  Experience Track 1 Experience Track 2


What is FIRST – season overview – James Mahnke All About Sensors -David Foye    

Marketing: Getting Your Story Out – Steve Bissen

Leadership Boot Camp- Part 1 - Steve Bissen

Java Programming Basics - Jim Havlicek

RBAD – Robot Build Agile Development

-FRC Team 93 (Part 1)

Inspection & Bill of Materials - Mark Moulton

Leadership Boot Camp- Part 2 - Steve Bissen

Electronics 101Paul Ulland

RBAD – Robot Build Agile Development

-FRC Team 93 (Part 2)
Game Analysis & Strategic Design I –  Randy & Mark


Kit of Parts Gary Baumgarten

Safety Is More Than a Six Letter Word - Steve Bissen

Game Analysis & Strategic Design II – Mark & Randy

Leadership Roundtable - Steve Bissen

Pneumatics - The Muscle of Control – Paul Ulland


Chairmans & Award Roundtable - Mark Moulton


2014 Workshop Presentations

Build Design
Kit of Parts & Suppliers by Duane Lom
Picking the Appropriate Drivetrain by Randy Hafner
Inspection and BOM by Mark Moulton

Programming, Networking & Electronics
Electronic Parts, Control Systems & Pneumatics by Paul Ulland
Software Design for Control, Use of Sensors w/demos by Dave Foye
Networking & Communication by Brent Everson
Programming in Java - Part 1 of 2 by Lee Zenke
Programming in Java - Part 2 of 2 by Lee Zenke

What is FIRST and Season Expectations (WARNING 500MB download!) by Mark Moulton
Creating a Culture of Safety by Steve Bissen
Team & Leadership Developtment by Dave Foye
Marketing for your Community/Competition by Steve Bissen
E-Watt Saver Light Bulbs and Fundraising by Paul Ulland


2013 Workshop Presentations

Advanced Java
Kit of Parts

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