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Tuition & Fees


Tuition is determined by several factors. Non-WELS are those who are not affiliated with a Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) church. Non-Association indicates a student who is not a member of an Association church. Association indicates a student that is a member at an Association church. See the table below:

Luther High School Association
Tuition Rates and Fees
The following are the tuition rates and fees for the school year as approved by the Luther High School Conference of Delegates at the February 7, 2024 meeting.
  LHS Association    
  First child   $8,944
  Second child   $6,502
  Third child   $4,060
  First child   $10,797
  Second child   $8,354
  Third child   $5,913
  Grants Per Student:    
    Luther High School    $325
    Good Steward Resale Store   $300
    Friends of Luther   $150
    STEF   $365
       Total Per Student Grants:   $1,140
  Sound Foundation   $100
  Handbells   $50
  Jazz Band   $75
  Percussion Fee   $50
  Athletic fee first sport   $100
  Athletic fee second sport   $100
  Athletic fee third sport   $100


Tuition Payment Process

Luther High School uses the services of FACTS for billing and payments.

TUITION: Families are required to set up their accounts with FACTS and select a payment option before May 1st for the following year.
FEES: All fees for music and athletics are required to be paid on or before August 1st to FACTS

Payments can be taken by automatic bank checking, automatic bank savings or automatic credit card. Payment date options:

  • 1 payment paid in full by August 1st – this will qualify for a $100 discount
  • 2 payments one for first semester by August 1st and Second semester by January 1st
  • 10 payments July – April
  • 12 payments June – May
         (For the monthly payments you can select one of these for the day of the month: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20)

Families that have not completed agreements with FACTS by August 1st will be ineligible for co-curricular activities for the entire 1st semester. A Completed Agreement with FACTS is a requirement for attendance at Luther High. Student’s eligibility to participate in co-curricular activities is dependent on their account being in good standing. Account must be in good standing by semester exams or their enrollment will be regrettably terminated.

If a payment is missed for any reason or you are experiencing financial difficulty in meeting your selected tuition payment plan then you must relate this concern to the Board of Control's Finance Committee so that satisfactory arrangements can be made and any inconveniences avoided. Those contact numbers are in the Luther High Directory.