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Dual Credit Courses

Students looking to take a course(s) that will count for both high school credit and college credit can register for a dual credit course(s). Please note the following:

  • There is an additional cost to take a dual credit course that the student will be solely responsible for paying
  • Enrollment may be limited to certain class levels (e.g. only Juniors & Seniors). Check with the college/university offering the courses.
  • Typically only official "partner" colleges and universities will be allowed for dual credit courses. As of 2018-19 these are our partner colleges:
  • Dual credit course may or may not benefit your college degree
    • If you are planning to attend MLC please check the following document for details on which credits will transfer to your major
  • All courses must be approved by the parent(s), Luther Advisor & Registrar's office. A standard Luther High Drop/Add form may be filled out.
  • Dual credit courses are COLLEGE level courses and as such have a demanding curriculum. Taking a dual credit course in place of a Luther course required for graduation and failing it could jeopardize your ability to graduate.

For more information please refer to the "Online Courses" section of the Student/Parent Handbook or contact the Registrar's office.