Luther Online Information

The following online learning information is provided for our students and parents. It is organized first by instructor, then by the courses taught by that instructor.

General Info
     Wednesday COVID daily schedule  (not used in the 2021-22 school year)
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Click on an instructor's name to access their online learning information.

Adickes Larson Ross
Appold Lisk Schaper
Babinec Loersch Schibbelhut
Baures Mahnke Schiebel
Bolstad Punzel Towne
Leibl Rebernick Werre
Engelbrecht Rosenbaum Witte

Course Scheduling

Course requests in Skyward are ONLY available from Wednesday, March 24 through Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Directions on how to request courses for the next school year
                    (Any changes to an existing schedule should go through the student's Advisor)

  • Current Students: Students or Parents can request courses
  • New Students: Parents will have to request courses because new students do not yet have an active Skyward account

Scheduling Resources

  • Freshmen Parent Letter - courses explained
  • Course Catalog - detailed descriptions of all the courses
  • Graduation Requirements - use to see what classes must be taken for graduation, plus electives offered
  • Curriculum Changes effective the next school year
  • Scheduling Guidelines for College Bound Students
  • Online Courses
    • To schedule an online course:
      1. Verify it qualifies with our online course policy that can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook
      2. Inform the Luther Registrar's Office and your Advisor of your choice(s). The Registrar's Office will manually add it to the student's schedule.
      3. Register and pay for the course(s) with the respective online school(s). Luther High School does not manage payments.
        • AGVA (formerly ALHSO) - online high school courses (additional tuition payments paid by students)
        • Dual Credit Courses - college & high school courses (additional tuition payments paid by students)
        • Students are encourage to use one of the above options for online courses as Luther High has a partnership established with those schools. If you desire to take an online course with a non-partner school then it must be from an accreddited school and have prior approval from the Luther High Registar's office.
    • If you decide to drop an online course, the student.must inform BOTH Luther and the online school.

If you have any questions please direct them to your Advisor.

Online Courses

Online courses are approved per the following policy:

The following information is intended to apply to the WELS online high school system ALHSO or the Bethany Lutheran College dual credit program. Online courses taken from other entities will require prior approval from the Registrar.

  • Luther High School will only allow courses similar to LHS courses to be taken as enrichment courses.
    • They will not be counted as one of the minimum 6 of 8 classes necessary to be a full time student (unless there are extenuating circumstances worked out through the Registrar in advance).
    • Luther High School will not include these courses on the LHS transcript but instead provide documentation to any colleges/institutions upon request that a course has been completed.
  • Online courses unique to the LHS curriculum may be used for credit at Luther if prior approval from the Registrar is granted.
    • They will be counted as one of the minimum 6 of 8 classes necessary to be a full time student.
    • Courses would be included on the LHS transcript
  • Many college level courses (Bethany Lutheran College dual credit program) may be substituted for LHS courses with approval from the Registrar.
  • Any other details can be found on the ALHSO website at or Bethany Lutheran College website
    • Cost - is the sole responsibility of the student/parents
    • Courses
    • Handbook
    • Technology requirements
    • Etc.