Team 4021 Welcomes YOU!



We are more than pleased that you could take time out of your day and visit our site. We are currently in our third season of participating in the FIRST organization. We were excited to make it to St.Louis two years ago and participate in the FIRST Championship Event. This gave us the opprotunity to compete with robotics teams from around the world and we hope to enjoy that same experience in this years competition


TEAM 4021 in 2014. What Are We Doing?

Robotics is in full swing, and on January fourth, igKnightion traveled to Rochester Minnesota for the announcing of the new sport - Aerial Assist. The competition consists of two alliances, Red and Blue. On each team, robots must work together to toss a twenty-four inch exercise ball over a seven foot truss for points. Not only that, they must avoid defenders while shooting it yet another time into one of two, ten-point goals at the end of each court. The match is only two and a half minutes long, so teamwork is key in this event. 


A lot of work needs to be done before the regional competition in Minneapolis. Team 4021 has practices nearly every day of the week, for multiple hours each day. The drive chassis is complete and we have written a code capable for maneuvering the robot. We still have a lot to build before our regional scrimmage in La Crosse. There we will practice with teams in the Coulee region, and will be able to learn from our mistakes. After that it will be a trip to Minneapolis, and hopefully to Nationals.

Patrick McNamara
2014 First Robotics Team 4021Team Member




Two years ago our robot won the Rookie All-Star award at the regional competion in the Twin Cities. This win made us eligible to compete at Nationals in St. Louis!



A Little Bit About FRC & FIRST

FRC is a high school level robotics competition where students miraculously experiences where a career in science, technology, engineering, and math can lead them. The unique part of this program is that students are expected to work hand-in-hand with professional engineer volunteers to design and build in six weeks, a robot about the size and weight of a high school student (up to 150 lb & 5 feet tall). The robot has to compete in a game that changes every year. This is a challenge for both student and engineer creativity.

Teams are formed in the fall with an annual game kickoff the first weekend in January. This starts the six-week design and build. Competitions of 40 to 70 robots take place in March and April in arenas across North America and in Israel. This is capped by the FIRST National Tournament involving 350 teams from around the world.


FIRST is an international organization which uses competitive robotics as a vehicle for promoting science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM. FIRST allows high school students to work side by side with professional mentors to learn skills ranging from engineering to marketing, animation, and business.